If an employee is leaving the company or an existing employee is transitioning from one org to another org (e.g. from the Parent Org to the Sister Org), as an admin, you can disable that particular user on Fyle.

Before disabling an account, here are some points to remember:

  • Once the account is Disabled, the data (expenses, reports) won't be accessible to the user anymore. They will not be able to log into their Fyle account.

  • All reports/payments are paid out before disabling the account.

  • Once Disabled, any reports/expenses/payments assigned to the employee previously will be retained.

Disable an account

Switch to the Organization view and click on Employees from the left-hand sidebar.

Select the employee you want to disable using the checkbox and click on Disable from the top main bar above the list.

Where to find Disabled accounts?

On the Employees page, clear any default filters by clicking on Clear All beside the filters.

The disabled accounts will now be visible in the list. You can use the Search bar on the left to search for a particular employee.

Re-enable an account

To re-enable an account that was previously Disabled, select the employee name using the checkbox and click on Enable from the top main bar. The employee will now be enabled.

Following the steps mentioned above, you can easily Disable and re-enable employee accounts.

To learn more about employee form fields, click here.

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