If an employee is leaving the company or an existing employee is transitioning from one org to another org (e.g. from the Parent Org to the Sister Org), as an Admin you can disable that particular user on Fyle. Before disabling the account, the following points need to be kept in mind:

  • Once the account is disabled, the data(expenses, reports ) won't be accessible to the user anymore.

  • All reports which are pending in different states( pending for approval, verification pending ) should be processed and cleared out by the Admin or by the finance team before disabling the account.

To disable a particular user:

  1. Click on Organization View from the top right corner.

2. Once you're in the organization view, click on Employees tab from the bottom left panel.

3. Select the Employee/s you want to disable using the checkbox next to the name of the employee.

4. Click on Disable Users button.

5. Confirm by selecting Disable in the pop-up

Once the user has been disabled, he/she will not be able to log in again and a pop-up informing them about their disabled account would be shown to them.

However, by disabling a user the details along with the expenses filed will not be deleted from the system and the user will only be disabled. When the admin enables the account again, all those data( expenses, reports, employee details ) would still be available on the existing account.

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