Approve an Advance request

Where can I find my team's advance requests? How do I approve my team's advance requests?

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As an approver, you have the option to approve the request along with the capability to edit / send back the advance request. 

Approving an advance request:

  1. Navigate to 'Team->Advances' on the left panel of your Fyle account to view your team's advance requests sent for your approval

Viewing team advances from Approver's account

2. All requests waiting to be approved are found under the 'Pending' tab. Click on the advance request that needs to be approved.

Approving an advance request

3. 'Approve': If you have adequate information and find the request in order,  click on Approve to approve the advance request.

4. 'Add Approver': Add another approver if the request needs to be looked into by an exception approver.

4. 'Comments':  If you require additional information, you can easily request for it by adding a comment. This sends an e-mail notification to the employee along with the comment.

5. You can view the list of all approved advances under the Approved filter on the team advances.

Checking all the approved advance requests from Team Advances

See how advances are processed and issued by the Finance admin.

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