We understand a company's need to have access to all the details associated with the expenses submitted by your employees. The advanced search gives you an option to get an in-depth view of all the important metrics associated with your company's expenses. You can go one step further and export the information as  CSV for further analysis or for reporting to your management. Here are the steps of how you can download the details:

1. Select the 'Expenses' tab in the left panel > Click on Filter.

Advances search on company expenses page

2. Below sets of search fields will now be available to use as search criteria.

  • User Fields: To filter using user-related details

  • Expense fields: To filter using expense related fields

  • Report Fields: To filter using report related fields

  • Settlement Fields: To filter using payment-related fields

  • Policy fields: To filter using policy-related fields

  • Corporate cards: To filter using card related fields

  • Custom fields: To filter by custom expense fields created for your organization

Filters under company expenses page

3. You can select multiple search options to view expense details based on the required filter criteria and click on  'Apply Filters'

Filtering company expenses on Fyle

4. Once the search result is available as per the required criteria, you can select one/multiple entries and take any one of the below actions:

Actionables on company expenses page
  • Remind To Report: Clicking on this will send a reminder to all the users to submit their expenses by creating a Report

  • Create Report: This allows you to create a report on behalf of the user

  • Export: To export all the selected records for further analysis
    After applying the filters, select the filtered expenses and click on 'Export' as csv

All the expense fields will now show up on the screen, appropriately grouped for selection. Depending on your requirement, select the fields that you require for your analysis.

Export fields

Bill Fields: Details specific to bills uploaded by the employees & confirmed by the finance team

Card Fields: Details specific to credit card transactions

Comments fields: Details specific to comments entered by approvers & verifiers for every expense

Custom fields: Custom expense fields that you have created in your organization's set-up to capture additional details for the required set of expenses

Employee fields: Details of employees as available in the Employee details page within Fyle

Expense fields: Details of expenses as entered by employees and captured by application, while creating an expense 

Policy fields: Details of policy limits and violations as per the policies set-up for your organization.

Report fields: Details of expenses as entered by employees and captured by application, while creating & updating a Report

Travel fields: Details of travel booking related fields entered by users while creating an expense

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