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Resubmit the advance that was sent back
Resubmit the advance that was sent back

How to resubmit the advance that was sent back to me?

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When an advance request is sent back/rejected by your approver, the request is automatically moved to the 'Inquiry' state.

You will also receive an email notification when your request is sent back along with the reason as entered by your approver.

You can then make the necessary changes and resubmit the request for approval.

To resubmit a request;

  • Navigate to ' Advances' on your fyle account

  • Open the request under the "INQUIRY" state

Advance request under Inquiry tab
  • Edit the request and click on "RESUBMIT".

Resubmitting the advance request
  • You can also view the reason for sending back your advance in the audit trail. To view the audit trail, simply click on "Comments" on the receipts section of the request, check the 'Check Audit Trail' option.

  • The state is once again changed to "Pending Approval".

Sent to approver after resubmitting the advance request

An email notification is sent to your approver upon resubmitting your request. 

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