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Understanding Sent Back Reports

What are Sent Back expense reports? How to resubmit expense reports that have been sent back?

Written by Meeha Tewari
Updated over a week ago

There may be instances where your approver or admin requires details to be added or modified in an expense report that you have submitted. To do so, they can send it back to you. On any expense report that is sent back to you in this way, you can make the required changes resubmit the report to get it approved.

Finding Sent Back Expense Reports

Go to Reports from the left panel. Then, go to the Open tab- this section includes all your Draft and Sent Back reports.

In case you wish to filter out your Sent Back reports for easier access, you can do so using the quick filter available.

Understanding Why your Expense Report was Sent Back

Open your Sent Back expense report. In the Report view, click on the Comments tab. Here, you can see the comment left by your approver or admin.

Resubmitting your Sent Back Expense Report

As per the comment(s) left by your approver or admin, make the changes to your expense report. You can do so by opening the applicable expenses and clicking on Edit.

Once you have made the necessary edits, you can resubmit your report in the following 2 ways:

  • Click on Resubmit on the Report view. This will immediately resubmit your expense report for approval.

  • On the My Reports page, select the expense report under the Open tab. Click on Submit Reports to resubmit it.

Resubmitting your Sent Back Expense Report via Mobile App

To learn more about resubmitting reports via the mobile app, click here.

To learn more about creating reports via the mobile app, click here.

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