When employees are added in Bulk, it is required for the Admin to export a list of employees for accounting purposes. Below are the steps to achieve exporting Employee details:

  1.  Log in as an admin and click on the Employees tab on the left pane of your screen

  2.  The list of all employees under that specific org will be shown.

  3.  You can filter employees based on your search criteria by clicking on the “Filter” button.

filters button in the employee screen

4. Select the fields you wish to have it in your report and Click on "Search". It will populate the employee details based on your search criteria.

set filters and hit search

5. On the left side of the “Name” Line item, you will notice a dropdown. It will ask you to choose:

  • List of employees in the current active page

  • All rows irrespective of the page limit

  • Clear All selections

dropdown while selecting the employees

Choose the relevant choice from the above based on your requirement

6. Export the results in csv or xlsx format by clicking on the “Export" button on the right corner of your screen.

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