There are certain policies in place for every organization that varies based on the requirement. These policies are set to ensure the expenses comply with a certain structure and ensure proper documentation of details required for expenses.

Critical and soft policies of an organization restrict/flag employees from creating and reporting certain expenses that violate the condition/s of those policies.

Whenever you create an expense in Fyle which violates a certain policy of the organization one of two things can happen based on your organization's policy configuration:

  • Your expense moved to the Flagged tab under Expenses

  • Your expense moved to the Cannot Report tab under Expenses

Flagged Expenses

Flagged expenses are ones that have violated a soft policy set by your organization.

These expenses can still be added to a report for submission.

The flag on the expense is to indicate the expense/s are highlighted as they need additional attention from any other approver/s or department within your organization.

Cannot Report Expenses

Expenses under this tab have violated a critical policy set by your organization and cannot be reported unless changes are made to the expense that complies with the policy requirements.

The description of the policy violated will be visible on the expense. You can click on the expenses individually to edit the details on the expense and save them.

Once the required changes have been made to the policy, the expense will move to the Unreported stage and can be added to a report for submission.

View Policies

You can view all the policies that are set by your organization under the Policies section.

For any additional clarifications/questions on the policies, contact your Fyle admins.

You can find details of the Fyle admins for your organization by clicking on the support icon next to your profile.

The Cannot Report and Flagged tabs indicate the expenses that require attention for any policy violations in order to keep expenses aligned under the norms set by your organization.

To learn more about the different states of expenses, click here.

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