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Fyle Integration with Slack
Fyle Integration with Slack

Learn how to enable and use Fyle from within Slack

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Key functionalities

  • The Fyle app can be installed in the Slack workspace for any organization that uses Slack.  The app can be installed only by the admin of the workspace.

  • Fyle for Slack can be used to Fyle expenses directly from the Slack Workspace. 

  • Expenses can be Fyled either by calling a Slash command (/fyle) or by making an App mention (@fyle).

  • Expenses Fyled from the Slack workspace behaves the same way as expenses Fyled from other sources. These expenses can be tracked on the Web app or Mobile app, added to a report, or deleted, etc. 

  • The expense form for Fyling from Slack captures the following details - Currency, Amount, Purpose, Merchant, Date of Spend, Category, Project and whether the expense is Reimbursable or not.

  • Currently, these fields must be filled manually. And, attaching a receipt is not supported. 

Use cases

  • Fyle for Slack can be conveniently used by users who are already familiar with the Slack workspace environment. Fyling then becomes as simple as calling a Slash Command or making an App mention. 

  • Mainly, small expenses such as Chai bills that may not require receipts to be attached can easily be Fyled from Slack without having to switch apps. 

Why did we build it?

  • Slack is the most popular collaboration platform used in workspaces.

  • Some interesting stats about Slack that motivated us to build this integration:

  • 10 million daily active users from almost 600,000 organizations

  • Present in around 150 countries

  • More than 1,500 apps in the Slack App directory

  • Highest usage in the USA (San Francisco)

  • Building an integration for an app that is already so popular can make us visible to more number of users from its huge user base.

  • Expense management using Fyle can be brought even closer to the workspace environment via Slack.

  • Secondary features of Slack such as automatic reminders and other bots can be exploited to integrate Fyle with Slack in an impactful way. 

Current status

  • Currently, Fyle for Slack is ready to capture and Fyle expenses. The functionalities for approvers to approve from within Slack is under development.

How to install it?

Fyle for Slack can be installed in two ways:

  • From the Fyle website. Go to this link to learn more

  • From the Slack App directory. Go to this link and click on Add to Slack button. Then, allow Fyle to access the Slack workspace by clicking on Allow.

Allow access for Fyle Slack workspace
  • Allow the app to access your Fyle account as well. Click on Allow.

Allow Fyle account access to app
  • Once the required permissions are allowed, the Fyle app for Slack will be added in your Slack workspace. Adding the app to the workspace can only be done by the Admin of the workspace. 


If you have any questions about this or need help setting it up for your team, you can reach out to us at [email protected].

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