Once you’ve configured the Fyle app on Slack, you can submit your expense report to your managers for approval right from within Slack. This can be done through one of the following ways:

1. Using Slash Command:

  • Use the /fyle-report slash command (type the command and hit enter twice) from any channel or chat to add expenses to a report and submit it for approval.

  • The following form opens up showing all recently added expenses.

Submit Expense Report from Slack
  • Select all the expenses you wish to add to your expense report. And then, click on the Assign Report dropdown.

Adding Expense to it's Report on Slack
  • Select Create a Draft Report to just create a report with the selected expenses but not submit it yet. Select Submit a New Report to create a report with the selected expenses and also submit it for approval. Alternatively, select an already created report to add the selected expenses to that report.

  • And then finally, click on the Submit button. You will be notified in the app’s chat once the report is created/submitted.

2. Using Global Shortcut:

  • You can also open the Submit Expense Report form by clicking on the Shortcuts icon and selecting Submit Expense Report.

Global Shortcut to submit an expense report on Slack

3. From the app homepage:

  • You can also open the Submit Expense Report form directly from the app’s home page by clicking on the Submit Expense Report button.

Submitting expense report from Slack

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