Delayed Emails

Know how delayed emails can improve clarity in the payments process

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
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  • Currently, if an organization has not authorized payments to be processed using ACH, then the admins must manually notify that the payments under Processing are paid by selecting all the completed payments and clicking on Mark Paid.

  • As soon as you mark certain payments as Paid, the respective employees will get an email notifying that their payments have been processed and paid. 

  • In many cases, the admins choose to Mark the payments as Paid, as soon as they start the payment procedure. The emails will then immediately roll out to the employees even if the payment has not been completed. This may create some confusion between the employees and the admin. To avoid this, the admins can benefit from the Delayed Emails feature. 

  • Using Delayed Emails, the admin can schedule the payment completion email to be rolled out to the employees after a certain time period elapses from the time the Mark Paid button is clicked.


  • Select the payments for which you’ve started the payment procedure.

Payment Processing page
  • Click on the Mark Paid button. A modal opens up. 

Email Delay popup
  • If you want the notification to be sent to the employees immediately, then select No Delay. 

  • Let’s say, through experience you know that the payments take 2 days to complete. Then you may choose 3 Days, which means the email notification will be sent to the employees 3 Days after you click the Mark Paid button. Within these 3 days, the payment procedure will be complete and there will be no confusion between the employees and the admin. 

  • Similarly, you may choose to delay the email notification by the appropriate number of days (1, 3 or 5 days) based on your experience on the time taken for the payment procedure to complete successfully.

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