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Understanding the ways of importing Corporate Card Data to Fyle
Understanding the ways of importing Corporate Card Data to Fyle

An overview of the ways of importing corporate card transactions to Fyle.

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This article describes the various ways of importing your corporate credit card transactions to Fyle.

Types of Corporate Credit Card Integration

We have the following modes through you can integrate your corporate cards with Fyle.

  1. If you're on a Business Plan or higher and have either Visa or Mastercards issued by US banks, then we will help you set up Real-Time Feed that helps you with instant feed as soon as the card is swiped.

  2. If you're not on Standard Plan or don't have Visa or Mastercard, then we have Direct Data Feed (Bank Feed Integration) with a couple of banks. Depending on the bank program, you may get the feed in a couple of hours to days on Fyle after the card is swiped.

  3. If we are unable to set up either of the above ways to import transactions, you can use our Bank Statement Upload feature to import all your transactions. You can download the transactions statement from your bank and upload it on Fyle to import transactions at regular intervals.

Let's explore each way of importing transactions to Fyle.

1. Real-Time Feed

We have an industry-first way to get your company's credit card transaction data instantaneously on Fyle. If you're on the Business plan and higher, we currently support Real-time Feed (RTF):

  • Visa Cards - Read this article to know the process of enabling Visa Real-Time Feed.

  • Mastercard - Read this article to know the process of enabling Mastercard Real-Time Feed.

2. Direct Data Feed (Bank Feed Integration)

In the Direct Data feed, the bank / Visa / MasterCard / Amex will directly push transaction data to a designated endpoint specified by Fyle. 

This functionality is available only for specific card programs as confirmed by the bank. If you have a small business account, then you may not be able to get a direct data feed setup.

Fyle supports Direct Data Feed for various banks and card providers:

  • American Express: The American Express data feed file format is called GL-1025

  • Visa: The Visa data feed format is called .VCF.

  • Mastercard: The MasterCard data feed format is called .CDF

  • Other card programs: In addition to the above, there could be other card providers (e.g. Diners) who might be able to provide a corporate card data feed.

3. Bank Statement Upload

This functionality is a built-in Fyle feature that is available to everyone.

Following are some scenarios where bank statements can be used:

  • Commercial / Business / Small Business Programs
    Most banks do not support a data feed on the above card programs. If you are on one of these programs and your bank has confirmed that your program is not eligible for data feed support, statement upload works perfectly to bridge the gap.

  • Bank does not support a data feed or does not respond to your request
    In both the above scenarios, statement upload is the only option available to integrate card transactions.

Bank Statement upload requires you to download a consolidated statement of transactions in a CSV format for a given period from their bank/service provider and upload the statement to Fyle.  You can follow the steps mentioned here to upload your bank statement to import the transactions to Fyle.

Please read this article to understand the process of enabling each type of bank integration with Fyle to import your corporate card transactions.

Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] for further information or issues with corporate card settings.

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