This enables you to save your search criteria/filters and share it with other users in the organization.

How to use this?

  1. Go to the company expenses page (organization view).

  2. Click on the new 'Filters' button. An advanced search box will open.

Filtering company wise expenses

3. Add your search filters and click on the 'Apply filters' button.

adding filters

4. Click on the 'Save filters' button.

saved filters

5. A popup will appear. You can select 'Visible to everyone' if you want this search filter to be available for other users of your organization. Click 'Save'.

Pop-up notifying the filters chosen by the admin

6. Click the dropdown arrow on the 'Filters' button to see the list of saved filters available for use. Filters you saved will show up in the 'My filters' section and the shared filters (visible to everyone) created by others will show up in the 'Shared filters' section. Just click on the filter name to apply it or click on the delete button to delete it.

Selecting the saved filters

The sharable filters can be accessed from the following sections:

1. Company Expenses

2. Company Payments

3. Company Reports

Here is a step by step gif to create and share the filters with everyone - 

Filter and save the filter on Fyle


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