Exclude criteria while setting policies

Configure policies which excludes certain criteria

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As an Admin, you can set and configure custom policies for your organization. With this feature, you will be able to exclude certain criteria and set policies based on that. As an example, you may want to set a policy whereby Hotel/Accommodation booking has a limit of $250 in all cities except for New York. To configure this policy, you can simply set the amount limit as $250 and exclude New York location at the time of setting up the policy. Here's how you can do it :

 1. Go to Settings > Expenses > Policies. Click on "+ Add New Policy"

 Add new policies

2. Add a Policy description that will be visible to the users when the policy is violated

write a policy description

3. Add the details like Expense Category, in the Location drop-down select 'Exclude' and enter New York in Place field as shown below :

exclude categories

4. Add the Amount Limit, type and any other details required. Select the Policy Actions that will be taken in case the policy is violated 

amount limit and policy actions

5. After adding all details, click on Save. 

After the policy is configured, if users try to create Hotel/Accommodation Expense which is above the specified limit ($250 here), for any City except New York, the expense will be flagged and a Policy violation pop-up will be shown to the user as below : 

policy violation detected pop-up

This will be based on the policy actions specified earlier. The user will now have to enter an explanation for the policy violation, after which he will be able to save the expense.

In addition to Location, you can use this feature on User and Expense properties as well. To know more about policy configuration for your organization click here

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