Admin's First Day with Fyle

Checklist for setting up Fyle for your organisation

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Who is an Admin?

Admin or Administrator is a user that has the features available to view, control and manage the organization's workflow, policies, settings, configurations, and process reimbursements (if applicable). An admin can perform multiple actions on behalf of spenders, approvers, and finance.

An admin is also a spender, hence you will have two views on your Fyle account. The Organizational view and the Spender view. The Organizational view is where you can carry out various actions for your organization, for example, set automated report submission schedules for your users. Whereas, in the Spender view, you can use it to submit your personal expenses for reimbursement/reconciliation.

You can switch between the two views from the top right corner of your screen.

Pages Available to Admins

Since you will be managing various functions, there are different pages that are visible including Tasks, Spend Overview, Reports, Corporate Cards (Manage Cards, Transactions, Statements), Expenses, Summary, and Analytics.

You can carry out various actions from each page:

Tasks: This is your first landing page, from the Tasks page you can complete any actionable pending on you and send reminders to your employees to complete any tasks pending on them.

Spend Overview: This page gives you a one-glance picture of the spending pattern across your organization. You can filter and customize your view in order to see the required data.

Reports: As an admin, you will be able to view, approve, and send back all reports created by users across the organization. You can view and take various other actions from the Reports page.

Corporate Cards:

Expenses: All expenses, across all states, will be visible on this page. You can edit expenses and remind your users to report them if they are due. You can also export expenses from this page for reconciliation.

Summary: This page shows you the summary of spending for each employee on a single screen. You can view the completed, submitted, and reimbursable expenses as well as any unaccounted advance and liability to the employee. You can click on the dollar value to actually view the expenses under each bracket.

Analytics: The Analytics page gives you a bunch of statistics that can be extremely beneficial for understanding the spending across various categories, departments, etc. You can also see the turn-around time on Fyle to understand how long it takes for the workflow from expense creation to completion takes in real-time. Lastly, you can see risk factors such as the highest spenders, the highest policy violators, etc.

Admin Settings

Apart from the changes you can make across the various pages, there are a bunch of settings that you can control as an admin. You can access admin settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

On the left-hand side panel, you will see a bunch of admin settings available to you.

Account: Set up general account settings, notification preferences, SSO/ IP restrictions, and other advanced settings from the Account section.

Expense Reports: Set up an automatic submission schedule for reports.

Cards: Configure settings related to reconciling business expenses made using corporate credit cards.

Reimbursements: Set your organization's default payment options to reimburse the employees.

Integrations: Integrate your Fyle account with accounting software and HRMS.

Help Articles and Support

You can always reach out via email to our support team for any queries you may have from the support icon in the top right corner of your screen. The Help Centre is also accessible to you and has multiple knowledge base articles to guide you through the product.

This covers a wide range of functionalities, settings, and operations that as an admin you can go through and explore on your first day using Fyle.

Happy Fyling!

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