A user with a finance role will be able to see all the expenses created by the employees irrespective of their states. If an employee does not create a report by themselves, the finance/admin user can report these expenses on the employees’ behalf.

A finance user can either make a report for:

  • All the expenses that are lying in the unreported state (Fyled) of all the employees


  • The expenses incurred by a specific employee.

Below are the steps to create reports of all unreported company expenses:

1. Log in to Fyle, switch your view to the Organization.

2. Click on the Expenses tab in the Fyle dashboard.

Expenses page

3. Click on the “Filters” option seen on the top right of your screen. Select “State” from the filters and choose “Fyled”. Click on "Search".

Company expenses filter for Finance

4. This would show you all the expenses that are yet to be reported. Select all and click on “Create Report”.

Filtered expenses in Fyle

5. A pop-up box will appear stating that this action will be notified to the users for whom you are creating expense reports. Click on “Create Report”

Creating reports for users

6. The expense reports will now go to the user’s respective approvers for the approval process.

Reports for multiple users created by Fyle admin

Now that you know how to make a report out of all the unreported company expenses, you can also do the same for a specific employee as well. To create a report for specific employees follow steps below;

1. Click on Filters > Click on the (+) sign to add more filters for the expenses.

Adding more filter for expenses in Fyle

2. Set Filters by State and Employee > Choose Fyled in State and enter Employee name/mail ID in Employee and Click on “Search”.

Adding more filters for expenses in Fyle

3. You will be able to see a list of unreported expenses that are lying in the specific employee’s bucket. Select all expenses and click on “Create Report”

Create Report button

4. A pop-up box will appear stating that this action will be notified to the user for whom you are creating an expense report for. Click on “Create Report”

Creating report for employees

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