Setting up Cross-Org Expense and Project Approvals

Multi-Organization Expense and Project Approval Definition and Setup

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With multi-org set up you can manage multiple organizations without shuffling from one organization to another on Fyle.

When you log in, the primary org will be selected by default, but you can switch to other organizations as well.

How to set-up cross org approvals for your organization

There are 3 entities in an org. Gamma Ltd. is the primary org, and Gamma Asia and Gamma Europe are secondary orgs.

Ryan Gallagher is an employee in Gamma Ltd., the primary org. He is already added as an approver for other employees in this primary org.
Now, Deena Matthew is an employee of Gamma Asia Ltd. the secondary org.

We want to make Ryan Gallagher an approver for Deena Matthew. We will see both cases where
1) Ryan is not an employee of Gamma Asia Ltd, and
2) Ryan is an employee of Gamma Asia Ltd.

How to:​
1. Log in to Gamma Asia Ltd, and navigate to Manage Employees in settings.

2. Click on Deena Matthew to open her full employee details

Case 1: Ryan is not an employee of Gamma Asia Ltd

  • In the primary approver field, fully type in Ryan's email ID. Since he is not employee of Gamma Asia, his name will not appear in the dropdown select list.

  • Click on 'Save'. Now, Ryan is an approver for Deena.

Case 2: Ryan is an employee of Gamma Asia Ltd

  • As soon as you click on primary approver field, Ryan's name will be available in the dropdown to select from, as he is an employee of Gamma Asia Ltd.

  • Click on 'Save'. Now, Ryan is an approver for Deena.

Click here to know how cross-organization approval works.

How to set-up project approvals for your organization -

Setting up project approval is similar to cross-org approvals, to do the same follow the below instructions -

1. Log in to the organization where the approver ([email protected]) has been added. Click on Employees from the left section, enter the project approver's name in the search box. You will get all the results matching with the name, click on the approver's name, and copy the project approver's email ID.

Adding approvers to employees

2. Switch to the other organization where the project exists, that needs approval from an approver who doesn't belong to the current organization. Click on the gear icon to open Settings > go to projects option under Organization. If the project has already been added, click on the name to open it and add the copied email ID ([email protected]) under Approver 1. Once done click on Update Project.

Adding approvers to projects

If the project has not been added, click here to know how to add a project.

Once done, you will have to create a policy to establish the project approval process. Click here to know more.


Cross Org Project Approver: A project approver can be added while creating projects who will approve expenses that are linked to these particular projects. The project approver is different as the primary/secondary approver as he/she will only be approving the expenses where these projects have been mentioned.

Cross Org Approver: Can be a primary/secondary approver who doesn't belong to the same organization as the user.

Cross Org Approval: If you are an approver from Organization Org A and have users reporting from an organization Org B. When you approve the user's report (Org B) from your primary organization (Org A) such approvals are called Cross Org Approval.

Cross Org Project Approval: If you are an approver for Projects X & Y from Organization Org A and there are users from Organization B who have fyled multiple expenses including project X & Y. The approver will be able to approve these particular expenses from Org A. Such approvals are termed Cross Org Project Approval.

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