Fyle NetSuite Integration

Everything you need to know about the Fyle integration for the Oracle NetSuite software.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
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Key functionalities:

  • If your organization uses Oracle NetSuite as the main accounting software and Fyle for all the expense management, then this integration is the bridge between the two systems.

  • The integration allows you to export all reimbursable and Corporate Credit Expenses to your NetSuite account where it’ll be stored permanently for all accounting purposes.

  • Employees, expenses, card expenses, projects, and cost centers from your Fyle account can all be mapped to their equivalent features on NetSuite.

How it works:

  • Login to Fyle

  • Go to the Admin Settings > Integrations > Native Apps > Netsuite

  • You need to click on the Connect button to get started with the Integration.
    Please refer to this article to learn how to onboard yourself onto the Integration.

  • By clicking on Netsuite, you’ll now land on the dashboard of the Fyle NetSuite Integration app.

  • From the dashboard, you can directly export expenses from Fyle. You can also get a quick overview of the number of successful and failed exports right from your dashboard.

  • The expenses that are ready to exported will be shown on the Dashboard, you can click on the Export button to push them to Netsuite.

  • On the Export Log page, you can see all the exports that were successfully complete or failed.

  • Note that, currently only Reports that are in the Approved (for Card Expenses)/Payment Processing/Closed state based on your configuration in Fyle can be exported to Netsuite.

  • You may also set up an automatic process for importing and exporting expense groups. Click on Automated Import/Export under Settings in the left navigation bar of the app.

  • In order to set up the automatic process, you must ensure the toggle is enabled.

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