Overview Of Credit Transactions

How to track and assign credits on corporate cards

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As an administrator, you will be able to track the refunds/credits that have been credited back to the employee's respective corporate credit cards. In order to take the credits into account, the credits must come in via the bank's statement upload/data feed.

Here is an example where the credits are denoted with a negative sign in front of them:

Note: The credits on your bank statement can be denoted by a positive or negative sign, while uploading the statement make sure to select your debit convention correctly.

Once the transactions are in Fyle, you can find a list of them under Corporate Cards. Select Transactions.

Credit transactions will have the amount in green followed by a CR.

Whereas debit transactions will have the amount followed by DR.

If there are any unassigned cards that have credit transactions, you can view them under Corporate Cards. Select Manage Cards and switch to the Unassigned Cards tab.

Select the card and scroll down to Transactions. The credit and debit transactions will be listed under it.

You can assign the transactions to an employee by selecting them using the checkbox and clicking on Assign.

Once the transactions are assigned they will be visible on the Transactions page under Corporate Cards.

You can filter the transactions on this page to view all the credit transactions.

Click on the Filters button.

Select the Credit Transaction filter and select Yes. Click on the Apply Filters button to finish.

This will give you a list of all credit transactions across your organization.

NOTE: These do not include unassigned credit transactions. You will need to assign the transactions in order to view them under this list.

This covers the credit transactions overview.

To learn more about how to upload statements, click here.

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