Once your organization’s corporate card data feed has been set up, you can now begin to assign the cards to your employees.

Follow the steps mentioned below to start assigning corporate cards:

Switch to the Organization view. From the left sidebar click on Corporate Cards and select Manage Cards. You will be taken to the Assigned Cards tab by default.

Switch to the Unassigned Cards tab. On the card that needs to be assigned and click on the Assign Card button on the right.

In the pop-up box that appears, enter the name/email ID of the employee to whom the card needs to be assigned. Click on the Assign Card button.

The card will be assigned to the employee. You can find the card under the Assigned Cards tab. Click on the card for more information.

On clicking the card, you will find the card details on the top such as Bank Name, Card Number (last 4 digits only), and Card Holder.

Under Transactions, all transactions present on the card will automatically get assigned to the employee once the card has been assigned.

Any transactions that come into Fyle after the card has been assigned will be assigned to the employee directly.

You can also assign cards by selecting the required card and clicking on the edit button next to Card Holder in the Card Details section.

Note: This can also be used to re-assign the card to a different card holder.

Enter the name/email ID of the employee and click on the Assign Card button.

Following the steps mentioned, you can assign corporate cards to your employees easily.

To learn more about viewing and tracking corporate card transactions, click here.

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