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Adding NetSuite Custom Lists/Records/Segments
Adding NetSuite Custom Lists/Records/Segments
Learn how to obtain the required inputs for Adding NetSuite Custom Lists / Record / Segment in Fyle NetSuite Integration
Written by Bhavika Ghate
Updated yesterday


This document outlines steps to get the required fields from NetSuite to add custom Lists/Records/Segments in the Fyle NetSuite Integration.

Step 1:

  • Log in to NetSuite using your credentials.

  • Navigate to Customization -> Lists, Records, & Fields and click on Transaction Line Fields.

  • Copy the value in the ‘ID’ column for NetSuite Script Id.

Step 2:

  • Navigate to Customization -> Lists, Records, & Fields and click on Lists or Record or Segment Type depending upon which field you have to add to the Integration app.

  • Copy the value in the ‘INTERNAL ID’ column for Custom Record / Field Internal Id.

Step 3:

  • Login to Fyle NetSuite Integration App with your credentials.

  • Navigate to Configurations -> NetSuite Expense Fields tab and click on Add Custom List / Record/ Segment button.

  • Enter the following values which are copied from NetSuite.

  • Click on Save.

  • If the entered values are valid, the Custom List / Record/ Segment you add here will be added to the Netsuite Expense Custom Field section in Expense Fields tab.

Note: If you want to import a custom segment to Fyle, please ensure that the custom segment field you are looking to import has edit access granted for the Fyle Netsuite integration user role. To check this, please head to Customization > List, records and fields > Custom segment and click on edit next to the field you wish to import. Now navigate to the permissions tab within this field and ensure that default record level access is set to Edit as shown in the screenshot below.

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