Add Categories and Subcategories

How to add categories? How to add subcategories? How to disable categories?

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Categories help to divide and understand expenses based on their purpose. You can add categories and subcategories to your organization settings. Employees will be able to fill in category information on the expense forms while filing their expenses.

Add Categories

In order to add new categories, click on the gear icon next to your profile, on the top right corner of your screen to go to Admin settings.

From the left-hand sidebar, click on Organization and select Categories. You can add categories individually or in bulk. Select your preference by clicking on the required button.

Add Category

This will take you to an Add Category form where you can fill in details for the category.

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory to be filled without which the category will not be saved. Once you have filled in the details click on the Add Category button.

The category will be added to the list and you can use the Search bar to search for a particular category.

Bulk Add/Update

Click on the Download Template button to instantly download an excel template in which you can fill in the category details.

Once filled in, click on Upload File to upload the template.

Once the file is uploaded, the data will populate under the Categories list.

Add Subcategories

Subcategories can be used to further break down a certain category under the same bucket. Subcategories are governed by main categories. Adding subcategories is a great way to break down expenses accurately.

To add subcategories, click on Add Subcategory on the right-hand side of the main category.

A pop-up box will appear, add in the required details for the subcategory and click on the Add Subcategory button to save the changes

Once saved, the subcategories will appear under the main category.

Disable Categories

If a category/subcategory is no longer in use and you do not want it to show as an option on the expense forms, you can disable it by toggling it to No. To re-enable it, use the same step to toggle it to Yes.

Following the steps mentioned, you can easily add categories, add subcategories, and disable them.

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To get you a clear view of only active or enabled Categories, Fyle has a quick filter that is by default applied - Enabled: Yes.

You can modify or remove this filter by clicking on Yes or No as per your requirement.

There are other filters on the page to help you find specific categories. You can apply these filters by clicking on All Filters and filter by Enabled/Disbaled, Category Name and System Category.

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