Adding expense categories and sub-categories used in your organization helps you collate data in an orderly manner. Fyle comes with a set of default categories. In case they fall short of your requirement, you can add your own custom ones too. How cool is that!

To view the list of categories;

1. Login to your Fyle account.

2. Go to Settings > Organization.

3. Click on the Categories tab.

How to set up expense categories

Add a New Category

If a category being used by your company is not already present in the category list, you can add it yourself.

To add a new category;

1. Click on "Add Category"

2. Enter the new category name

3. Click on SAVE.

How to add category in Fyle

The entered category will start appearing as a drop-down option while adding an expense.

expense form

Add Expense Codes to the Category

You can also add Expense Codes corresponding to the codes in your organization's accounting system to the expense categories in Fyle:

Adding expense codes to the category

Add a Sub-Category:

To add a sub-category to an existing category;

1. Click on the Add Subcategory button.

2. Enter the sub-category name.

3.Click on the Add Subcategory button to save.

Adding a Sub Category

Upload Categories in Bulk

Should you have a long list of new expense categories that you'd like to add, and fear adding them one by one would turn out to be a herculean task - fret not. The BULK ADD/UPDATE option is here to save you.

1. Click on "Bulk Add/Update"

2.Click on the "Download Template" button to gain access to the sample sheet that needs to be imported.

Add bulk categories in Fyle

3. Fill in all the details of each category in this sample sheet or create one from scratch following a similar format.

Add bulk categories in Fyle

Once the sheet is filled with all the necessary information related to the categories to be uploaded. Click on Upload file > Choose the category sheet, and voila - all the categories are in the system as you'd like them!

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