Manage your general details, view your organization and approver details, set holiday delegatee and more.

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The Profile page in My Settings is the home to all information relevant to you. You can also access your Fyle Mail ID here, set up secondary inboxes, set a holiday delegatee and more.

Let's take a more detailed look:


  • Manage your general details such as Name, Email and Mobile Number.

  • Select your Primary Organization. You needn't worry about this if you're not part of multiple organizations on Fyle.

Organization Details and Approver Details

  • View your Organization and Approver Details. These are view-only. In case you need to change any of these details, contact your Fyle Admin.

Bank Account

  • If your organization uses the ACH feature for reimbursement on Fyle, you will see this section.

  • In order to receive reimbursements to your bank, you'll need to add your bank account details.

Fyle Mail

  • Fyle Mail ID is a unique email ID relevant only to you.

  • If you add your Fyle Mail ID for apps like Uber, Lyft, Toast, etc., all the receipts generated from those apps will automatically be created as expenses in your Fyle Account. Read here to know more.

Secondary Inboxes

  • If you have business receipts going to your other email IDs, fret not. Just add those email addresses under Secondary Inboxes.

  • After you do that, you can just forward receipts from those emails to [email protected]. Fyle will automatically detect the email IDs and create expenses for those receipts in your Fyle account. Read here to know more.

Access Delegatee

  • When you're out on your well-deserved vacation, you can grant access of your Fyle account to a holiday delegatee.

  • Once you appoint a delegatee for a time period, during that time period, your delegatee will be able to switch to your account from theirs using their own credentials.

  • The delegatee will be able to manage your account on your behalf. Submit expenses, approve expenses, whatever you can do, they will be able to do.

  • You can also appoint a delegatee on a permanent basis. In that case, they will be able to manage your account along with theirs throughout the year.

Manage Password

  • Change your password effortlessly from the Password section in your Profile page.

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