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Auto-Save Export Configurations
Auto-Save Export Configurations

Automatically save your export details for next time

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

Export details such as Export type, Report-share details, Export columns & Advanced settings are automatically saved based on your previous export. While exporting expenses the next time, the same configurations will be auto-selected during the export. You can always change the export details as required.

Limitations of Auto-save Export Feature:

  • The Export configuration cache is specific to the web browser: The export configuration is only auto-selected as long as you are using Fyle on the same web browser

  • The Export configuration cache gets cleared once you log out of Fyle: Once you log out of your Fyle account on your web browser, the previous data is cleared and the system will not auto-select your export configuration the next time you try to export data.

To learn more about how to export expenses, click here.

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