As an admin, you can now use the Reminders feature to schedule automatic reminders to your employees on various tasks.

Before setting up automatic reminders, you can manually send reminders to your employees from the Tasks Dashboard (landing page) in Organization view. Click here to know more about sending manual reminders.

Steps to set automatic reminders

  1. After sending the manual reminders successfully, you need to click on Set Automated Reminders to proceed with setting up automatic reminders for your employees.

  2. Select the frequency at which you wish to schedule the reminder, i.e., weekly or monthly.

  3. Select the date, day and time you want to trigger these reminders.

  4. Add a custom message to add in the reminders.

  5. Click on Add Reminder to schedule the automatic reminder.

After the automated reminder is scheduled, you can see when the next automatic reminder will be sent to your employees on the dashboard.

You can also set up automatic reminders from the Settings page in Organization view. Learn more about the process here. Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] for further information or issues with the reminders.

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