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Spender Onboarding to Fyle
Spender Onboarding to Fyle

Guide to help you start using Fyle and submitting your expenses.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

Hi there! This guide will help you onboard to Fyle and start submitting your expenses. Let's dive into all 3 stages of this onboarding journey!

Adding receipts using Fyle’s mobile app

Here you will learn how to add your receipts to Fyle and create expenses. Our mobile app is especially very useful for submitting receipts on the go.

Download the mobile app here: iOS and Android

Submit receipts from your email inbox!

Do you receive receipts in your email inbox?

Fyle’s Gmail Extension and Outlook Add-in help you create expenses from your inbox!

Here is how our Gmail extension works:

Here is how our Outlook add-in works:

You can download them here:

  1. Gmail extension for:

    1. Google Chrome Browser: Download | Help Article | Video Tutorial

    2. Microsoft Edge Browser: Download | Help Article

    3. Brave Browser: Download | Help Article

  2. Outlook add-in for:

    1. Outlook Web: How to Download

    2. Outlook Desktop: How to Download

Alternately, simply forward your receipts to [email protected] and we will create expenses for you! Make sure you read more about it here: Help Article | Video Tutorial

Submitting Expenses in Expense Reports

After you have saved your expenses, you need to add them to an expense report to submit them. Here is how you can submit your expense reports using the mobile app:

Here is how you can submit your expense reports using the web app:

That is it! You may explore more help articles and video tutorials in case you have additional doubts.

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