As an admin, you will get an overview of the spending across your organization on different merchants by all employees working across departments, projects, and reporting at various cost centres on the Spend Overview page.

You can go to this dashboard from the Organization view and click Spend Overview on the sidebar.

Overall Spend overview

This section gives you the insights to understand the trend of spending - Total Spend, Card Spend, and Reimbursable Spend.

You can see the spend trend either on a line graph or a bar graph for the time period of your choice - monthly, quarterly, and yearly, or you can select a custom date range.

Select the Distribution to view the spend trend: Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

You can search the spend trend for an employee or a project, you can do so by searching on the graph, and voila!

You can hover over the particular date/week/month to see the spend happened.


You can apply filters on various cards, merchants, categories, employees, projects, and departments by going to the filters section.

For example: if you want to view the spend trend of a project (Project-32), Non-reimbursable spend, in the first quarter of 2022 (January 1 - March 30) with a monthly distribution, you can apply the filters to see the spend trend. You can also select the bar graph if you want to visualize it in that format.

Please check out this article that explains the Spend Overview Table. Please click here if you'd like to know about the Tasks Dashboard.

Note: We show the assigned and reconciled card spend in this section. If there are unassigned cards or the reconciliation hasn't happened, it is not reflected.

Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] for further information on the Admin Spend Overview page.

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