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Understanding The Spend Overview Chart
Understanding The Spend Overview Chart

What is the spend overview? How can I customize the chart?

Written by Tanvi Telang
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The Spend Overview page gives you a birdseye view of the spending trend across your organization. You can see the total spending all at once or view the corporate credit card and reimbursable spending separately.

This data is represented in the form of a line or bar graph for ease of comprehension. You can filter this data as per your requirement. This page is visible to Admins and Finance roles only.

Change the type of graph

You can view the data in the form of a line graph or a bar graph. To switch between the graphs, click on the three-dots button on the right-hand side and select View as Bar Graph.

You can repeat the same step to switch the graph back to a line graph format.

Customize date range and distribution

You can choose the date range for which the data should be visible. All data will be represented according to the date range you have selected.

The date range you can select includes:

This Year: Includes data from January 1 to December 31.

This Quarter: Includes data from the quarter of the current month.

This Month: Includes data from the 1st to the last day of the current month.

This Week: Includes data from all days of the current week (including Saturday & Sunday)

Distribution defines how many fragments the data is distributed across.

The distribution you can choose from includes:

Daily: The data is distributed into fragments representing each day for the chosen dates.

Monthly: The data is distributed into fragments representing an entire month for the chosen date range.

Choose the type of spend

You can click on the options on the right side to view the type of spending you wish to see the data for.

The types of spending include:

Total Spend: The total spend across your organization (includes card and reimbursable)

Card Spend: The spend only across corporate credit cards (if applicable).

Reimbursable: The spend only across reimbursable expenses (if applicable).

You can hover your arrow over the graph columns or line to view the exact dollar value of the spend in a month's duration.

To know more about the table distribution of data in the spend overview, click here.

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