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Functionalities available on the Spender Dashboard on the mobile app

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A spender can add expenses, view their expenses, their linked card activity, and pending tasks from the mobile app dashboard.

Part 1: Add Expense

Clicking on the Plus Square Button on the top right corner of your screen takes you to a list of options to add expenses. These options include:

  1. Capture Receipt: You can capture the image of a physical receipt and create an expense for it. By doing so, Fyle will automatically extract data from the receipt and add it to the expense such as currency, amount, merchant, etc. Clicking on the camera icon will redirect you to a scanner for capturing the receipt.

  2. Add Manually: You can create a new expense and add the details manually. This option will redirect you to the general expense form.

  3. Add Mileage: You can log your trip details using the mileage expense form. This option would redirect you to a mileage expense form. Fyle will calculate the mileage distance and the vehicle rate as set by your organization.

  4. Add Per Diem: Once you have been assigned a per diem amount by your Fyle Admin, you can add per diem expenses manually. This option will redirect you to the per diem expense form.

Part 2: Overview of your Account

Expense Reports

Once you have added expenses to a report, this section shows your expense reports in different stages. The stages are Draft, Reported, Approved, and Payment Pending.

Draft: Expense reports that have been created but not yet submitted for approval

Reported: Expense reports that have been submitted and are pending approval

Approved: Expense reports that have been approved

Payment Pending: Expense reports that have been approved and are waiting to be processed and paid out if there are any reimbursable expenses.

All Expenses

These are expenses that have been created but have either missing mandatory details or haven’t been added to an expense report for approval.

Incomplete: Expenses that are created and have some mandatory fields yet to be filled in

Unreported: Expenses that have details filled in and have not been added to an expense report for submitting

Card Spend

If any corporate card/s have been assigned to you by your Fyle Admin or any personal cards that you have linked to your Fyle account will be visible under the card spend section. If you have multiple cards assigned to you, you can scroll to view the other cards.

Incomplete Card Expenses: Expenses that are linked to your card details and have mandatory field details missing

Total Expenses: Total expenses indicate the sum of all the expenses made on your card by you

Part 3: Home, Camera Icon, and Tasks

At the bottom of your screen, you will see 3 options available, Home, Camera Icon, and Tasks.

Home: The Home button will bring you back to the Spender Dashboard

Camera: The camera icon will redirect you to the scanner to capture receipts

Tasks: Tasks will give you a list of expenses/reports that need to be completed or submitted for approval.

These are all the features available on the mobile app dashboard and what actions you as a spender can perform from the dashboard itself.

To learn more about the Spender Dashboard for the web app, click here.

Download the Fyle app for Android or iOS to start filing your expenses.

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