Create Reports via Mobile App

How to create reports on the mobile app?

Written by Tanvi Telang
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You can create your reports via the Fyle mobile app. The app is available to download via App Store and Play Store.

Managing reports via the mobile app is a quick and handy feature. You can perform various actions on a report and submit it for approval. The state of different reports is also visible to keep a track of your finances.

Once you log in to your Fyle account via the mobile app, click on the Menu button from the top left corner of your screen and select Reports.

In the Reports section, you will find a list of all the reports that you have created. The states of these reports are visible on the reports denoted with color pills to highlight them.

The red exclamation mark next to the report name is an indication that there are expenses in the report that have a policy violation.

Create a new report

In order to create a new report, click on the squared-plus icon on the top right corner of your screen. This will redirect you to create a new report page.

Enter a name for the new report under Report Name. This is a mandatory field for report creation.

You can select from the list of created expenses that can be added to the report using the checkboxes or create a blank report. Click on Save As Draft to create a draft report.

If you have selected the expenses and wish to submit the report for approval right away, click on Submit Report.

Following the mentioned steps you will be able to create reports using your mobile app. The changes made via the mobile app will automatically sync when you access your Fyle account through the web app

To learn more about how to submit a report via the web app, click here.

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