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FAQ's on Fyle-Xero Integration v2.0
FAQ's on Fyle-Xero Integration v2.0

This article covers all the frequently asked questions around the new Fyle-Xero integration (v2.0)

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If you have already set up and used your Fyle-Xero integration before November 16, 2022, and have questions on how the Integration v2.0 will impact, read on.

1. I have already been using the Fyle-Xero integration. Should I reconfigure my integration in v2?

If you have already configured and used the Fyle Xero integration, the integration data will be automatically migrated to the new Fyle Xero integration v2.0. i.e., all your configurations and a historical log of exports will be saved and replicated in the new integration. You don't have to reconfigure anything and can start exporting the expenses from the new integration.

2. How is Integration v2.0 different from the previous Fyle-Xero integration?

The Fyle-Xero integration is redesigned to offer a seamless and intuitive integration experience that we call Integration v2.0. Although most of the configurations you can do are the same across the two versions, the integration v2.0 has been designed to offer a more easy configuration and export experience. Some highlights include being guided with help texts while setting up the integration, being able to export in a single click, resolving errors faster, and having fewer clicks and navigation overall.

3. Can I change the configurations in Integration v2.0?

You can always change or update your configurations by heading to Configuration and choosing the relevant setting. For example, if you want to change any export configuration such as Bill date, you can add that from the Export Settings.

4. Why do I not see the import expenses option in the Integration v2.0?

In Integration v2.0, the expenses from Fyle's Payment Processing or Paid state will be automatically imported and grouped based on your configuration in the Export settings. There is no need to manually import it.

For example, if you have set up to export expenses from the Payment Processing state, then all the expenses that reach the Payment Processing state in Fyle are imported by the integration, and kept ready for you in the dashboard to export.

Kindly reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any queries regarding the new integration. Happy Exporting!

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