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Navigating Fyle-Sage Intacct Changes: Version 2.0 Explained in FAQs
Navigating Fyle-Sage Intacct Changes: Version 2.0 Explained in FAQs

Discover the seamless experience and improvements in Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration v2.0 compared to the previous version. FAQs answered!

Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
Updated over a week ago

If you've previously configured and utilized the Fyle Sage Intacct integration before October 3, 2023, and you're curious about the impact of Integration v2.0, continue reading for comprehensive insights.

  1. How is Integration v2.0 different from the previous Fyle Sage Intacct integration?

    The Fyle Sage Intacct integration is redesigned to offer a seamless and intuitive integration experience. The version 2 is designed for effortless configuration and faster exports. Enjoy guided setup with examples, one-click exports, quicker error resolution, and simplified navigation. Explore the detailed changes in the new integration here.

    Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration Dashboard
  2. I have already been using the Fyle Sage Intacct integration. Should I reconfigure my integration v2?

    If you have already configured and used the Fyle Sage Intacct integration, the integration data will be automatically mirrored in the new Fyle Sage Intacct integration v2.0. i.e., all your configurations and export logs will be saved and replicated in the new integrations. You don't have to reconfigure anything and can start exporting the expenses from the new integration.

  3. Can I switch to the old Sage Intacct integration if needed?

    Absolutely! However, we recommend utilizing Sage Intacct Integration v2.0 for its improved efficiency, and it's the way forward. Notably, the older version (v1) will soon be deprecated. However, if you have a temporary need, you can switch back to the old design by selecting More > Switch to the old version from the dashboard.

  4. Can I change configurations in Integration v2.0?

    Yes. Easily tweak your configurations in Integration v2.0 by navigating to Configuration. Whether you need to import a new dimension or alter the export type, it's simple. Just head to Import Settings to add dimensions, Export Settings to change the export type effortlessly, or Advanced Settings to customize any information that needs to be synced between Fyle and Sage Intacct.

  5. Why do I not see the import expenses option in the Integration v2.0?

    In Integration v2.0, the import process is automated. Expenses in Fyle, reaching states like Processing, Paid, Approved, or Closed, are automatically imported. The integration follows your configurations from the Export settings.

    For instance, if you've set it to export expenses from the Payment Processing state and group reimbursable expenses by the report, Integration will import all expenses at Payment Processing, consolidate reimbursable expenses within a report, and prepare them for effortless export. No need to manually importā€”Integration handles it for you.

If you have any additional questions about the new Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We're here to assist you!

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