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How does the Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration V2.0 work?
How does the Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration V2.0 work?

Explore the Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration's full capabilities in this all-inclusive guide with links to dive deeper 🚀

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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration!

Fyle's seamless integration with Sage Intacct, a widely used accounting system, makes expense management and accounting effortless. With an intuitive UI designed for admins and employees alike, Fyle simplifies nuanced expense management while effortlessly transferring data to Sage, easing the workload for accountants.

In this guide, we'll delve into every page, tab, and section of the integration, ensuring you harness its full potential. If you haven't set up the integration yet, check out our article on how to get started.

Note to existing Sage Intacct users: If you've set up and used the Fyle Sage Intacct integration before October 3, 2023, and are curious about the impact of Integration v2.0, explore our guide on Navigating Changes in Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration v2.0.


The Integration Dashboard is the central control center for managing your integration, offering a quick overview of crucial information and actions related to your integration.

Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration Dashboard

Let's explore the key components that make up this dashboard:

  1. Export Summary: Get a snapshot of expenses ready for export, including new imports and any failed exports from previous attempts. The primary action button, 'Export,' allows you to initiate the export process.

  2. Last Export Summary: Review details of your most recent export, including successful and failed exports, the timestamp of the last export, and the scheduled time for the next export (if auto-export is enabled).

  3. Errors: Easily identify and address errors through two distinct sections—Integration Errors and Sage Intacct-related Errors. Read more about 'Error Resolution' here.

Export Logs

The Export Logs provide a comprehensive record of every expense exported from Fyle. Here's how the export logs are organized:

  1. Completed: In this section, you'll find records of all successfully exported expenses. Each entry includes essential details like the timestamp of the export, employee information, expense type, Fyle expense ID, and a direct link to the corresponding transaction in Sage Intacct.

  2. Skipped: Expenses that were excluded from export due to configured rules or settings are listed here.

The Export Logs serve as a valuable resource for tracking and reviewing your expense exports, ensuring transparency and control over your integration process.


In the Mapping section, you'll be able to establish connections between Fyle's data and corresponding values in Sage Intacct, ensuring seamless integration. Here's how it works:

  • Auto-Mapping: Most values are automatically mapped if you've enabled the import feature for specific dimensions from your Sage Intacct account. This simplifies the process by aligning data points between Fyle and Sage Intacct.

  • Manual Mapping: If auto-mapping isn't enabled, you can manually map values in Fyle to their Sage Intacct counterparts. This ensures that data entered by your employees in the expense form aligns accurately with the correct data points in your Sage Intacct system, facilitating smooth accounting.

Example: Employee Mapping

This section allows you to map Fyle employees to their corresponding vendor/employee records in Sage Intacct, ensuring that expenses are correctly attributed to the right accounts.

Example: Category Mapping

This section allows you to map Fyle categories to their corresponding Expense type/GL account records in Sage Intacct, ensuring that expenses are correctly attributed to the right accounts.

Similar mapping sections exist for other imported dimensions, such as Corporate Card, Tax Group, Project, Department, Class, etc.

Mapping data is a crucial step in ensuring accurate and efficient integration between Fyle and Sage Intacct, streamlining your accounting processes.


The Configuration Page houses all the settings you established during the integration setup process. This includes Export Settings, Import Settings, and Advanced Settings.

You have the flexibility to modify these settings as needed at any time. The Configuration section offers a comprehensive range of customization options that impact various aspects of your integration.

For detailed insights into each of these settings and the extent of customization available, please refer to the respective articles:

If you have any further queries, do reach out to us at [email protected]!

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