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Export log in the Fyle-Xero Integration
Export log in the Fyle-Xero Integration

Everything you need to know about the Export log in the Fyle-Xero integration

Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
Updated over a week ago

The Export log in the integration is a repository of all successful exports that have happened up to date in the integration account. It helps you quickly cross-check the records in Fyle, their export status, and reference links to their respective transactions in Xero.

How to use the Export Log?

You can try one of the following to see specific export data:

  • Search for the export using the Fyle Expense/Report ID or the Employee name.

  • Filter by a date or date range to look at exports from a specific time period.

The export log will provide links for the admin to check the data in Xero and Fyle.

  • Click on the Reference ID to be redirected to the respective Fyle expense.

  • Click on the redirect icon under Link to Xero to be be redirected to the respective entry in Xero.

Note: Currently, the export log is only to verify and cross-check data directly within the integration. There is no way to export this data as a CSV or PDF from the integration.

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

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