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How to export expenses from Fyle's Admin view to Xero?
How to export expenses from Fyle's Admin view to Xero?

This article will discuss the steps to directly export expenses from the Admin's Report view in Fyle to Xero.

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If you use the Fyle - Xero integration, you can export expenses from Fyle to Xero either from within the Integration or directly from the Fyle Admin's Report view.

Exporting Expenses from Fyle to Xero

Step 1: Accessing Fyle Reports

  • Log in to your Fyle application with Admin credentials.

  • Navigate to Reports > Approved tab.

Step 2: Selecting Reports for Export and Initiating Export Process

  • Choose the Reports you wish to export to Xero.

  • Click on More > Export to Xero.

  • The export process will commence, and you can monitor its progress. Your export will be processed based on the Export settings configuration in your Integration.

  • The status will be indicated in the Xero Export status column in the Reports tab.

Step 3: Accessing Transaction Links

  • After completion, access the links of transactions created in Xero by clicking on the report.

Understanding Export Status

There are different status messages indicated in the Xero Export status column of your Reports view.

  • Initiated: The request is accepted, and data preparation for export is underway.

  • In progress: Indicates the ongoing export process.

  • Complete: Confirms that the export is successful, and all expenses are posted to Xero.

  • Skipped: Indicates skipped export based on configured rules.

  • Error: Denotes failed export due to errors, which can be rectified in the integration dashboard.

Handling Failed Exports

  • If an export fails, check for errors and access the error resolution page in the integration dashboard.

  • Resolve errors and retry exporting.

Note: You can also export expenses from the Processing and Closed tabs from the Reports view. The export option is only available on the Admin Reports page. However, if configured to be grouped by expenses, the Integration will post every expense as a single transaction in Xero.

For further assistance with exporting expenses from Fyle to Xero via Integration, contact us at [email protected].

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