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Verifying Reports in the new reports flow
Verifying Reports in the new reports flow

Steps to verify approved reports in the new reports flow of Fyle.

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Enabling Verification

Verification is an optional step in the new reports flow. By default, the verification settings will be disabled. However, an Admin can enable this under Organization settings > Account > Advanced > Reports and enable Verification.

If you are the only Admin in your organization, you could also enable Self-verification to verify your own reports.

Once enabled, all the reports that have been approved would need to be verified additionally before initiating reimbursements or closing the Reports.

How to verify reports?

All reports that have been approved can be found under Reports > Approved.

To start verifying the reports, select those with a greyed check mark against them in the Verified column and click Verify.

This will open all the expenses of the selected reports sequentially; you can Start Verification process and verify each expense individually.

Once all the selected reports have been verified, you will see a green mark indication against the reports in the verified column.

Verified reports can now be reimbursed or closed depending on whether your organization has reimbursable expenses or only corporate card expenses.

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