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How to be notified when auto-export fails in Fyle-Xero Integration?
How to be notified when auto-export fails in Fyle-Xero Integration?

Steps to enable email notifications that would proactively alert admins upon export failure in the Fyle Xero integration.

Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
Updated over a week ago

The Fyle-Xero Integration allows the set up of an automatic schedule that periodically exports expenses from the payments section of Fyle to Xero without any manual intervention.

Automatic export saves time and effort for you from manually exporting expenses on a timely basis.

However, the Integration should notify the admins proactively when the automation fails to export expenses due to an error on the Xero end or in the case of a mapping issue in the Integration.

The notification helps you promptly fix the errors, export expenses, and close books in Xero on time.

Below are the steps to enable notifications within the Integration to receive alerts when export fails.

How to enable email notification?

1. Access your Xero from Fyle Admin settings > Integrations > Accounting > Xero, and this should automatically log you into Xero integration with your Fyle credentials.

2. If you have automated the export of expenses, you can now enable notifications to receive proactive alerts under Configuration > Advanced settings > Setup Automatic export > Select an email address to notify upon export failure.

3.. By default, the list of email addresses of all the admins from Fyle would be available; you can choose the email addresses that should receive a notification upon export failure and save.

5. You can add a new email address if you wish to notify a different email address other than the admin. This address will be automatically selected to receive a notification upon export failure.

How and when do I receive the notification?

Once the required email addresses are selected to be notified, the Integration sends an instant email alert if the auto-schedule fails to export expenses from Fyle to Xero.

For example, if you have set up the auto-schedule to export expenses from Fyle on an hourly basis and if the first schedule started at 10 AM and failed to export two transactions because of a missing category, then the selected email addresses will be instantly notified.

However, the admin will not be notified when the schedule re-runs the next hour at 11 AM, and the same set of expenses fails because of the same error. The Integration next notifies the admin only when a new expense group fails to export.

For example, at 4 PM, there was another attempt to export expenses from Fyle to Xero; this time, it had three expense reports ( 1 newly approved in Fyle and two previously failed expenses), and now say all the three fail because of missing category mapping then the admin will now be notified that three transactions have failed to export.

The email notification contains details such as

  • The date and time of the export

  • The number of transactions that have failed to export,

  • A reference link to all the expenses that are part of the failed transaction.

  • A detailed table that shares details on the error message or error value. For example, if a category food in Fyle is missing mapping for a corresponding value in Xero, it would be shared in the table to help you fix the mapping and

  • A link to launch directly into the Integration to fix the issues.

    Below is a sample screenshot of how the email notification looks in your Gmail.

Frequently asked questions
1. Is there a limit on the number of email addresses notified upon export failure?

You can notify as many addresses as you want. Currently, there is no limit on the emails that can be notified.
2. Is there a way for me to control the frequency of receiving the notification?

In the current version, the selected email addresses are notified instantly upon export failure. There is no option to delay or control the frequency at which you could receive the notification.

3, Can I be reminded when the errors are not fixed?

The current version helps with instant alerts to help admins fix the issue proactively; however, we will be looking to add reminders that the admin can control in future iterations. If you have any such use-cases, please drop a note to us at [email protected].

If you need assistance setting this up, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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