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What is Transaction Status?

Here's everything you need to know about the Transaction Status and what it means for your expenses.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

If you are using Visa Real-Time Feed, Mastercard Real-Time Feed, or Corporate Card Feed to import transactions with Fyle, you may have seen the values - Pending or Posted for a column called Transaction Status.

Before understanding the transaction status, it is helpful to understand how credit card processing works. Please read this Forbes article that explains it in detail. There are two stages in every credit card transaction process: Authorization and Settlement.

  1. Authorization: This happens as soon as you swipe the card. The card details and purchase amount are verified and authorized by the issuing bank. Fyle creates an expense based on the authorization amount at the time of swiping the card.

  2. Settlement: The second stage of credit card processing—settlement—happens among the merchant, acquiring bank, card network, and issuing bank. This can happen up to 14 days after authorization. The settlement amount may be different from the authorization amount.

Now, coming to the Transaction Statuses that you see on Fyle, there are two values: Pending and Posted.

  • Pending: When the transaction is authorized, the transaction status is Pending. This may be a temporary hold charge, such as at a gas station. The amount here may not be equal to the actual amount present on your credit card statement. You can see Transaction Date values for all Pending transactions.

  • Posted: When the merchant's bank settles or clears the transaction, the transaction status changes to Posted on Fyle. You can see both Transaction Date and Post Date values for all Posted transactions on Fyle.

On the Company Expenses page, you can see a new column, Transaction Status with values of either Pending or Posted. You can also see this column on the Corporate Card Transactions page as well.


  • At times the amount on the pending transaction may not match the actual spend, or the amount on the receipt. After we receive the settlement, we update the amount on the expense based on the settlement amount until the expense is approved.

  • For all temporary charges where the amount is charged during card validation, the expenses will be auto-deleted after 14 days. If we don't receive the settlement, we delete the expense (& transaction) after 14 days, only if the expense isn't added to an expense report. If the expense is added to a report, we don't delete the expense.

  • The Post Date values will be empty for the transactions that are Pending. When we receive the settlement from the card network, we update the Post Date and change the transaction status to Posted.

  • If you delete a pending transaction(s) and the card network sends us the settlement, then we will create a new expense (& transaction) for that settlement with the amount and date as per the settlement. The transaction status for such expenses is Posted.

Currently, the Transaction Status is only shown to admins, on the Organization view. Soon, we will have this visibility for spenders as well.

Feel free to reach us at [email protected] for any clarifications or issues.

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