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[Beta] Create and Issue American Express Virtual Cards
[Beta] Create and Issue American Express Virtual Cards

Here's how you can create virtual cards on Fyle and issue them to your employees

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

As an admin, you can easily create and issue American Express virtual cards to your employees from within Fyle.


Please note that you can start issuing American Express Virtual Cards to your employees only if your company has access to American Express Direct Feed. Here are the steps to get access.

Note that this feature is in beta phase now. If you have completed the prerequisite steps and want to create and issue virtual cards, please let us know by writing to [email protected].

Once you have connected your American Express Funding Card (Master Account) to Fyle, you can navigate to the Tasks page to create virtual cards.

Steps to issue virtual cards

You have to complete two steps to issue virtual cards to your employees. Please be ready with the following information to issue the cards quickly:

  • Cardholder Details: Enter the details of the employee to whom the card is being assigned. You must enter the Email, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Contact Number of your employee.

  • Card Details: This is where you set the spend limits on the card. You can add the card nickname, amount limit, and card validity.

Follow the steps mentioned below to create and issue virtual cards:

  • On the Tasks page, click Create on the task that says, "Create and issue virtual cards."

    Alternatively, you can navigate to Corporate Cards > Manage Cards > Assigned Cards and click Create Virtual Card.

  • After you click on Create, you need to enter the cardholder's details. Ensure that the employee's details are as per the USPS (US Postal Service). Click Next after entering the cardholder's details.


  • On the next screen, you need to set the card limits. You can enter a card nickname, the amount limit on the card, and the card's validity (start date and end date). If you have multiple Funding cards connected to Fyle, you can also select the Funding card on which the virtual card will be issued. Click Create after entering the details.

Congrats! You have successfully created and issued a virtual card to your employee. Your employee will receive an email about the Virtual Card with the Spend limits. Now, your employee can use the virtual card by adding it to digital payment wallets like Apple Wallet, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Please take a look at this support article and share the steps with your employees.

For more information, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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