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Edit Key Fields On Approved Expenses
Edit Key Fields On Approved Expenses

Can I edit an approved expense?

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

In cases when expense details need to be edited/changed, you can do them yourself if you have the information on details that need to be filled in. Once assigned the Finance role, you can edit the employee's expense details once the expense has been approved.

This feature saves the time and effort required of sending the expense back to the employee for making the changes and getting it approved through the reporting cycle. Additionally, if any expenses have a policy violation due to incorrectly filled-in expense details, you can directly make the necessary changes in order to remove the violation on the expense.

To edit the expense details of your employee's expenses, follow the steps below

Select the expense that needs to be edited from the Expenses section. (You can also select the expense from within a report view to open it)

Once the expense opens up, click on the Edit button in the bottom right corner of the expense.

The expense form will open up, you can make changes to any of the expense fields and add/delete receipts as well. On top of the expense, a small note will indicate that you are editing another employee's expense.

Once you have made the changes required, click on the Save button to save the changes made on the expense.

For key fields, such as the amount you will be required to provide a reason for the change. The employee will be notified of the change that is made to the expense.

Enter your reason in the pop-up box that appears and click on Continue to proceed.

The changes that were made will be saved to the expense.

Following these steps, you can easily change the key expense fields on an employee's expense.

To learn more about verifying expenses, click here.

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