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Mapping: Let Fyle automatically identify custom expense categories
Mapping: Let Fyle automatically identify custom expense categories

How to map custom expense categories?

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What is Mapping 

Mapping helps when you want the system to auto-extract the expense category along with the expense data.
When you have created a custom-category unique to your organization, you can optionally map it with a defined system category to ensure the category is identified by the system during auto-extraction. 

Eg. If your organization fyles CAB FARE expenses, you can create the custom category on Fyle. TAXI is a system category already present on Fyle.
 Now if you want Fyle to auto-extract corresponding category CAB FARE along with other expense data on a bill,  you would have to map CAB FARE to TAXI on Fyle.  This is essentially you telling the system that category TAXI is named as CAB FARE in your org. 

To map a custom category to a system category:

  1. Click on Mapping to view the mapping page

  2. You will find the custom category under the 'ORG CATEGORY' column.

  3. Select the System category against the custom category. 

  4. Now the custom category is mapped to the system category

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