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View And Track Corporate Credit Card Expenses On The Summary Page
View And Track Corporate Credit Card Expenses On The Summary Page

How to assign corporate card expenses? How to view assigned card expenses?

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

On the Company Summary page, you can take a look at the corporate card expenses for all employees at a glance. You can see the total amount of expenses that are completed, submitted, reimbursable, the unaccounted advance (if applicable), and liability (if applicable).

To see this summary, click on Summary from the left-hand side panel.

For each employee, the following information is available:

Employee Name: Name of the employee.

Complete: Total amount for expenses in the Complete state.

Submitted: Total amount for reports in the Submitted state.

Reimbursable: Total amount for reimbursable expenses.

Unaccounted Advance: The balance advance amount has not been used yet.

Liability: Toal amount that is liable to the employee.

You can click on the amount under each column to take you to the page where the expenses/reports will be listed for that amount.

For example, let's click on the amount under the Submitted column for Brian Foster

This takes us to the list of reports that Brain has in the Submitted state.

Following the steps mentioned, you can easily get a one-view glance at all the expenses for every employee across your organization.

To learn more about the Spend Overview, click here.

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