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Team Summary

Understand your team expenses across different stages

Written by Shrey
Updated over a week ago

Approvers will be able to view their Team Summary from Fyle. The summary will provide an overview of the expense amounts and are grouped by the state they are currently in. 

Team Summary for users shows total amount in different states

Unreported – The total amount of the expenses which are in ready to report state but haven’t been reported to the Manager.

Reported – The total amount of the expenses that are in the reported state.

Reimbursable – The total amount of the expenses that have been moved to the payment queue and has to be paid out to the Fyler.

Unaccounted Advance – The advance amount assigned to the Fyler which hasn’t been spent/expensed yet.
Liability –The amount which the Fyler owes to the company or the company owes to the Fyler. In the former case, the amount will be in negative, while in the latter case the amount will be in positive.

Liability shows the amount the user/company owes

Approvers can also see all the different expense details from Reported, Unreported, and Reimbursable by clicking on the amount total on the summary page. 

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