Apart from processing the advance request, you also have the option of sending the request back and editing the request. On the right side, you will find the request’s trail of the approval, send back and edit history.

To send back an approved request:

  • Navigate to 'Advances' on the Admin view

Manage Advance requests
  • Click on the 'Approved' tab

Approved Advances list
  • Open the approved request

  • Click on the 'Send Back'

Send Back Advance Request
  • Enter the reason for sending the request back. 

Reason for the send back
  • The request state is automatically changed to 'INQUIRY'

  • An email notification is sent to the user along with the reason stated for rejecting the request.

  • The audit trail on the right side captures the history of the advance request including comments and reasons entered for sending back. 

To Edit a request:

Edit Request:

  • Open an approved request. 

  • Click on 'Edit'

  • Make the necessary changes and click 'SAVE'

  • On clicking save, you will be prompted to enter the reason for making changes on the request.

  • An email notification is sent to the user about the edit along with the reason. The same is also capture in the audit trail of the advance request.

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