How to enable Access Delegation
What is access delegation? How can you make use of this feature?
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There would be times when you would want to Fyle expenses on someone else's behalf or approve reports when a particular approver is away. It is convenient and easy to do so with Access Delegation

By delegating access of a user's Fyle account to another user, the delegatee will be able to use the account in the same way the account owner would have.

How to enable Access Delegation?

Access Delegation must be enabled by the Admin in the Organization Settings page. 

Go to the Settings page. Under the Organization section, go to the Configuration tab.

On this page, toggle Enable Access Delegation to Yes.

Enabling delegation in the Admin Settings

To Add a Delegatee

1. Navigate to the Employees tab when in admin mode
2. Click on the employee for whose account you would require access to
3. The employee detail form opens up, scroll to the bottom of the form to find the Delegatee option
4. From the drop-down list, choose a user's e-mail address who would require access to another user's account and click on Save.

Assigning delegatee for the employees on Fyle

To Access the Delegated Account

Click on the arrow beside your name in the top right corner. You will be able to see a section called Delegatee under which you will be able to see the list of accounts that have been delegated to you.

How to access different users account

Clicking on the corresponding account will directly grant you access to the user's account.

If you are advising employees to add delegatees, this page will offer more information on it. 

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