Understanding Access Delegation

The access delegation feature allows an employee to grant access to another employee to take action on the account on their behalf.

The employee that assigns their account access is the Delegator and the employee to whom the access is granted is the Delegate.

The Delegator can assign access to the delegate permanently or temporarily based on the requirement.

The access delegation feature will be available only if the Fyle Admin of your organization has granted this feature. If the option is not visible in Spender Settings, kindly contact your Fyle Admin (You can find your Fyle admin/s by clicking the Support icon beside your name in the top right corner).

How to grant access delegation?

(steps for Delegator)

In order to grant access delegation for your account to an employee, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to Spender Settings by clicking on the Gear Icon

2. Under My Settings → Select Profile. Scroll Down to Access Delegation

3. Fill in the Name of the Delegate, and select the Duration (Short Term or Permanent)

4. If you have selected Short Term Duration → Fill in the From and To date → Click Save

5. If you have selected Permanent Duration → Click Save

Once the access delegation has been assigned, you will receive an email via your registered email ID acknowledging the same.

How to access the delegated account?

(steps for the Delegate)

Once the Delegator assigns their account to the Delegate, an email will be sent to the Delegate notifying the same.

In order to access the Delegator account, click on the Dropdown arrow beside your name in the top right corner of your screen.

Under Delegated Accounts, you will be able to see the name of the Delegators who have assigned their account to you.

You can switch to the Delegator’s account by clicking on the name.

In case you are unable to see the delegated accounts after they have been delegated to you, kindly log out and log back into your Fyle account.

As a delegate, you will be able to:

  1. Create expenses and reports on behalf of the delegator.

  2. Edit expenses and reports on behalf of the delegator.

  3. Delete expenses and reports on behalf of the delegator.

  4. Submit expenses and reports on behalf of the delegator.

Please note, the access delegation feature can be configured only via the Fyle web app.

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