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Learn how to create Mileage Expenses in bulk

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Key functionalities

  • Allows Adding Mileage expenses in bulk at once.

  • Allows Duplication of a Mileage expense, which can be benefited when you have a new expense that is almost the same as the previous expense except for one or two fields. This saves the user the painful experience of having to fill most of the redundant fields once again. 

  • A maximum of 20 Mileage expenses can be added in bulk using this feature. 

Why do we need Bulk Mileages?

  • More often than not, reimbursable mileage expenses are recurring expenses, i.e., they might be between the same destinations (say, office & home). All of the fields in the expense form will have to be filled each time for each of the expenses.

  • Our data suggest that most number of users Fyle their mileage expenses within an interval of 1-2 days. This means, Mileage expenses aren’t Fyled as frequently and that the users probably wait till weekend or month-end to Fyle all their Mileage expenses at once. 

  • In the above cases, it can be a tiresome experience to fill the expenses one at a time and to fill all the fields for each of the expenses. For these reasons, it makes sense to have a feature like Bulk Add Mileages where you can fill certain fields (the mileage rate, project, cost center, etc) that remain the same for all expenses just once in the beginning, and fill only the other fields (purpose, destinations, etc.) for the expenses individually. 

How to use Bulk Add Mileages?

  • Mileages can be added in bulk in two ways. You can add them by clicking on Add Bulk Mileage from the dashboard.

  • Alternatively, you can click on Bulk Add Mileages tab in the New Expense page. 

Adding mileages in Bulk on Fyle
  • In both cases, the following modal opens up.

  • In the above modal, fill all the details and click on save. Once you do that, an expense form opens up with repeating fields (Mileage Rate, Project, Cost Center) shown on top followed by 5 empty rows with the following fields - Date and Expense Description (if these fields are required by your org), route, distance and amount. 

  • In each of the empty row you will have to just select the date, fill the Purpose and the route. The distance and amount will automatically get calculated. 

  • In case you need to Fyle recurring mileages with the same route, you can fill one of the rows and click on the Duplicate icon to duplicate the entire row. 

Duplicating mileages on Fyle
  • As soon as you click the Duplicate Icon, the entire row with all the filled values will be cloned just below it. 

Mileages in Bulk
  • Now, you can just change only the fields that differ between the cloned rows such as the date and/or purpose. This way multiple recurring mileages can easily be cloned and created. 

  • Sometimes, you might have many stops between your start and endpoints on the route. You can click on the small up-arrow mark below the route to collapse the route to only the start and endpoints. This makes it visually simpler to understand. 

Minimizing locations if there are multiple stops
  • After collapsing, it will look like below.

Collapsed mileage form
  • If you need more empty rows, you can get 5 more empty rows by clicking on Add More Mileages button at the bottom of the existing rows. 

Adding more mileage in Bulk Mileage
  • Note that there is an upper limit of 20 mileage expenses that can be Fyled in bulk at once. So if you already have 17 mileage rows filled and you click on Add more Mileages, you will get only 3 new rows. 

  • After filling out all the Mileage expenses you wish to Fyle, scroll down to the bottom and click on Save. Besides the save button, you will have a quick summary of the total distance you’re Fyling and the corresponding total amount. Verify it and then click on Save. 

Saving mileages
  • After clicking on Save, a modal opens up asking you whether you want to review these mileages now or later. 

Saving mileages for review on Fyle
  • If you select REVIEW LATER, these expenses will be added to the Draft Expenses section or Ready to Report section in the Expenses page depending on whether any more mandatory fields need to be filled, you can go and review them later.

  • If you select START REVIEW, you will be taken to the individual expense page where you can see and verify all the fields, fill any missing mandatory field and save it. 

  • As and when you review each of the expenses, click on Save at the bottom of each expense. This will save the expense as the final expense and will show up in the Ready to Report section in the Expenses page.

Fyle expenses tab
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