All the possible payment options for an expense are consolidated into the Payment Mode field. The options are straight forward and exhaustively cover all the different use cases.

Payment modes in Expense form on Fyle
Payment modes in expense form on Fyle

Let’s take a more detailed look at the options available for the Payment mode field:

This option accounts for all the cases where an expense is paid from your own pocket and hence is reimbursable. Be it your own cash, or from your personal cards, if it was paid from your own pocket, then this is the option to be selected. 

When you spend from an advance issued to you by your organization, this option must be selected. This is a non-reimbursable expense. If there are multiple advances issued to you, you can select the particular advance account to which you want to associate the expense. 

(Note:- If your organization uses a single advance accounts feature, then all the advances issued to you will be shown under a single advance account. Whereas, if your organization has enabled the multiple advance accounts feature, then each advance issued to you will be shown as a separate account.)

When you’re creating an expense for a business spend made using the corporate card issued to you by your organization, you must select this option. This again is a non-reimbursable expense and implies that the expense was made via corporate card.

For all other non-reimbursable expenses that do not fall into any of the above categories, this option must be selected. This implies that an expense was made by the company, and hence is non-reimbursable. For example, when an expense is created for a transportation/hotel booking made by the company for you. 

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