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Admin Settings - Organization
Admin Settings - Organization

Configure payment mode, projects, cost centers, departments, categories and levels for your organization

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

This article covers the Organization section of admin settings. In this section, you can set up, edit, enable, and disable various workflow setups in your organization such as departments, projects, categories, etc. You can edit these settings whenever you need to.

Navigate to your admin settings by clicking on the gear icon next to your profile in the top right corner of your screen.


Payment mode

Based on your organization's payment preferences, you can choose the payment modes visible to employees on their expense forms for selection.

If there is any change to be made to the payment mode configuration set up for your organization, contact [email protected] to help you further.


All projects for your organization will be visible under the Projects tab. You can add, enable, disable, and edit certain project details from this page.

You can search for a particular project by typing the name in the Search bar above the list.


All the categories and subcategories set up for your organization will be listed under the Categories page. You can add categories individually or in bulk and modify them as and when required.

You can manage the visibility of which categories are visible for employees to select on the expense forms based on the projects they have been assigned to.


All the departments that are configured in your organization will be listed on the Departments page. You can add, enable, disable, and modify certain department details as needed.

Cost Centers

All cost centers for your organization will be visible under the Cost Centers page. You can add, enable, disable, and modify certain details from here.

You can even manage the visibility of the cost centers visible to employees based on the departments that they have been assigned.


You can set up a hierarchy across your organization for all employees, classifying them into various levels. Levels can help to get a better insight into the expenditure across the organization.

This completes the Organization section of the admin settings.

To learn more about the next section of admin settings - Expenses, click here.

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